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Will Your Treasures Last?


Are you running on empty?

Are you walking too fast?

Accomplishing things

That you know will not last?

Are you storing up treasures

Here on the earth…

Though you know in your heart

They have no lasting worth?

Why not change directions?

Seek God and His plan…

When you focus on Him

He’ll take hold of your hand

He wants to direct you

There’s no greater Guide…

Plus His Holy Spirit

Will be at your side.

Your pace will be slower

You might not walk fast…

But the treasures you’re storing

Are those that will last.

©Frances Gregory Pasch

Hi Everyone…

        We all collect treasures. Many are financially valuable, while others mean more because of the memories attached to them. I have some of each, but now that I am 85, I realize that I cannot hold onto the majority of them. I regularly donate some items to the church, and I plan to leave others to my children and grandchildren. But my most valuable treasure is the Bible. I also treasure the poems and devotions I have had published which God has used to bring others closer to Him.

         I never wrote poems until I developed a personal relationship with God at the age of fifty. He blessed me by giving me the gift of writing both poetry and devotions. These are treasures that have eternal value.

I believe He  has gifted each one of you in a special way with which you can touch others. You may be an encourager, a caregiver, a pastor, a parent, an artist, or a a teacher. The list is endless. Whatever your gift, use it to glorify the Lord and He will guide your steps.

When you meet the Lord face to face, He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

        Enjoy each new day.   Please feel free to share these messages with your family and friends.