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The True Measure of Success

I used to think that I had to do big things to be a worthy follower of the Lord.  I observed the endless activities of others—their preaching, teaching, leading, etc.  I equated worthwhile discipleship by the size of the job.  But now I understand that even a small thing, if it is done in God’s name, is just as important as something big.

            I never realized the impact that just a phone call or a short note can have on someone. Different people have told me that hearing from me was just what they needed on a particular day. 

            Never underestimate the effect of what you do for others. The world equates success with high-powered jobs, large sums of money, big homes and fancy vacations.  God equates success with walking in His footsteps-doing things for His Kingdom-things that have eternal merit.

            Being a disciple takes discipline. It is not a one shot volunteering of our time or efforts to others. It is a consistent walk with the Lord. One in which others can see His light shining in us.

             What greater success can we achieve?

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