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In His Time

 I know I’m where God wants me,

That’s why I do believe

The plans He has in mind for me

I truly will achieve.


Because He is in charge of

All the things I have to do,

I know I have His promise

That He will see me through.


So when I face a mountain

That seems too high to climb,

With Jesus close beside me

I will scale it in His time.

    ©Frances Gregory Pasch

Hi Everyone…..

Hope your new year is progressing well. The days are flying by too quickly.

We all have circumstances in our lives that are, at times, difficult to face. But with God at our sides, the climb is much easier to face.

Throughout the years, I have learned to trust God, even when I am unsure of the outcome. Before I had a close relationship with Jesus, I would get anxious and worried about unexpected events. Now I try to focus on the Lord rather than the situation. My human nature often raises its head and tries to distract me, but I have learned that by laying everything in the Lord’s hands I am assured that He will work out the details better than I ever could.

Praying that God will give you His peace as you face each new decision.