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The Power of Words

By nature I am a peacemaker. I hate to hear arguing, shouting, and name calling. When I was growing up there was no screaming and yelling in our home.

With the debates going on, we are exposed to some hurtful words and raised voices. I believe in standing up for what you believe in and not letting others walk all over you, but you don’t have to be abusive.

We need to think before we speak. Once our words leave our mouths, we can’t retrieve them. By being kind and respectful, we won’t have regrets, but nasty words leave a lasting impression.

Let your words bless someone this week. People enjoy being uplifted.

The  Power of Words


Sometimes we speak them hastily

and regret it.

Other times we remain silent

and wish we had spoken.

 Words come in all sizes…

many are small, yet dynamic.

Others are big,

but of little importance.

We can change lives by what we say…

either for good or for bad.

Our words can make people laugh

or make them cry.

Words can build them up

or bring them down…

Pull them closer

or turn them away.

Words can draw pictures…

pretty ones or ugly ones.

They can cut like a knife

or soothe like a salve.

Whether written or spoken,

rehearsed or spontaneous,

words are powerful.

They are easy to come by,

but not easily forgotten.

A good reason to measure them out carefully.

© Frances Gregory Pasch

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