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My Sovereign Guide


I am refreshed, dear Jesus,

By the little things you do.

You speak to me in different ways

But I always know it’s you.

Today I heard a serenade

When I awoke at dawn,

And I still felt your presence

After the songbirds had gone.

You often send me rainbows

When sun reflects on glass.

In troubling times, they speak to me,

“This too, my child, shall pass.”

Sometimes a word pops off the page

While spending time with you.

Your Word shines light upon my path;

Confirms what I’m to do.

You always know what’s best for me;

I trust your perfect plan.

I’m blessed that you’re my Sovereign Guide,

The Awesome, Great I AM.

                                                                  (c)Frances Gregory Pasch

Published in my book, Double  Vision: Seeing God in Everyday Life Through Devotions and Poetry

Thanks for stopping by. This is one of my favorite poems. Hope you enjoy it and will share it with others.

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I had a devotion in The Secret Place in their fall issue and just had a poem in the winter issue. I also write for Pathways to God. I always suggest to writers that they publish short pieces before attempting a book. It not only gives you experience; it also adds to your credentials.

Have a blessed week.