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Power in Jesus’ Name

scripturePower in Jesus’ Name

Too much time spent on worry
Never enjoying God’s peace.
Trying to do things my own way
Caused tension I could not release.

Then one day I met my Savior
He turned my life around.
Reading the Bible changed my life
The Words of God were profound.

I felt them deep in my spirit
As if written just for me.
They opened up my spiritual eyes
So finally I could see.

From that day until the present
My life has not been the same.
I discovered the key is Jesus
And the power that’s in His name.

(c)Frances Gregory Pasch

My prayer is that God will do for you what He has done for me. For the last thirty three years, God has changed me from a worrier into a woman who trusts Him with everything. It’s not always smooth sailing; there are bumps in the road with unexpected family issues, but by relying on Jesus for solutions, I have lifted a lot of pressure off myself.

I wish I had a personal relationship with God growing up, but I feel blessed to have that now. I’ve learned that it is never too late to start anew.

Hope you’ll stop by again. Have a blessed week. Fran