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Our Conqueror

He was beaten beyond recognition
Spat upon, mocked, and abused,
Yet He never denied for one moment
That He was “King of the Jews.”

He had a job to accomplish…
It was all a part of God’s plan.
Had He chosen not to fulfill it,
There would be no salvation for man.

So in spite of the jeers and the taunting,
The crown of thorns and the whips,
He stood still before His accusers
And never opened His lips.

Though they found no charges against Him
He was sentenced to death on the cross.
They chose to deny He was “King of the Jews”
But ultimately it was their loss.

For He rose from the grave, as He promised
Having conquered death and our sin.
Now it’s our time to make a decision…
Deny Him or welcome Him in.

(c) Frances Gregory Pasch