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Then and Now

Girl ThinkingSometimes I sit and ponder

About the years gone by.

I think about what I have done

And often question why.

Perhaps if I knew way back then

The things that I know now,

I may have changed a thing or two,

But I did what I knew how.

It doesn’t pay to speculate

On what could have happened “if”

For going back just wastes today

And makes my future drift.

So now I’m taking each new day,

Walking straight and tall,

For if I don’t step out in faith,

I’ll get nowhere at all.

 (c) Frances Gregory Pasch

Happy New Year to Each of You. I pray that this will be an extra special time of your life filled with God’s abundant blessings.

Instead of looking back and wondering what we could have done better, I suggest that we leave all negativity and worry behind and start anew. Don’t compare yourself to others. God has a special plan just for you. Spend time with Him and He will reveal Himself to you…through His Word, through people, or through the Holy Spirit.

Make 2015 a time of new beginnings. Consider journaling. I started again after a space of a few years. Record what comes into your mind throughout the day and also what God shows you as you spend time with Him.

Have a blessed week………Love….Fran