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No Greater Deal

Jesus One Way Sign

Are you afraid of dying?

Do you know your destiny?

Do you have an anxious feeling

About your security?


Do you wonder where you’re headed?

Do you think that heaven’s real?

Have you heard about salvation?

There is no greater deal!


It’s promised in the Bible…

An eternal guarantee.

Nothing down; was paid in full

By Christ on Calvary.


There is no catch nor gimmick

Nor a specific task.

The only thing that God requires

Is that “you have to ask.”


You can say the words in private

Or when you’re with a crowd.

You can say them very softly

Or boldly speak them loud.


Just tell the Lord you’re sorry…

Repent of all your sin.

Believe that He has paved the way…

Then He will dwell within.


       ©Frances Gregory Pasch

Happy New Year. Hope you are off to a good start. I am sharing this poem because for many years I never read the Bible and did not know that I could be sure of my salvation, if I invited Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. When I realized that I could not earn my way to heaven–that Jesus already paid the price–that with Him as my Savior my eternal salvation is secure, I jumped at the chance to invite Him into my heart. With Jesus as the #1 priority in my life, I am blessed. He offers the same invitation to everyone.  Have a blessed week. Please drop by again.