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A New Perspective on Father’s Day

I had a good childhood. I knew that my father cared for me, but unfortunately he never could say “I love you.” As a child, he didn’t hear these words spoken openly, so it was difficult for him to verbally express his feelings to my brother and me. We felt that he loved us, but how wonderful it would have been if he could have said so before he died.

             On the other hand, God, my Heavenly Father, tells me page after page in the scriptures how much He loves me. He even states that He knew me and loved me before I was born. How awesome!

             God loves us unconditionally, with an everlasting love. He promises never to leave us nor forsake us and to supply all our needs.

            Earthly fathers, on the other hand, have limitations and cannot meet all our expectations. But in spite of their shortcomings, each year we still set aside a special day to honor them.

             The week before Father’s Day, people rush around shopping for cards and gifts. Some buy them out of duty, while others spend quality time seeking the perfect choice. Those who have lost their dads depend on memories to sustain them.

             The world is caught up in honoring earthly fathers. Families get together for picnics and parties. Relatives that hardly ever see each other throughout the year somehow manage to join in the festivities. But isn’t it strange that most of us never think of honoring Our Heavenly Father in a special way on Father’s Day.

             Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to do something to honor the Lord in a special way? There is no gift that we can buy Him, but I know He would be pleased if we took time for praise and a personal prayer of thanksgiving! This Father’s Day I plan to do that.  Maybe you will too!

                   ©Frances Gregory Pasch

Hi Everyone….Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers who drop by. I pray that your day will be special.

I am happy to be in touch with all of you who visit my site. I am trying to get on a regular schedule of posting so you will know which days to stop by.

For those of you who are writers, I encourage you to submit to different denominational publications to get your name out there before writing your book. It’s good to have some credits when approaching an editor or publisher.

Have a blessed week. Hope you visit on a regular basis…………….Fran