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He Set Us Free

Crucifixion“What shall I do with Jesus?” Pilate asked the angry crowd;

“What crime has he committed that you should scream so loud?”

 They shouted, “Crucify him!”…Pilate grudgingly gave in

  But washed his hands because he knew that Jesus hadn’t sinned.

 They stripped Him and they beat Him, pressed thorns into His head

  With no remorse or sorrow, they stood at the cross and said,

“Save yourself if you’re the King and come down from the cross,”

  Yet Jesus never said a word…He came to save the lost.

  He paid our debt, then rose again…by grace He set us free.

  If we’ll believe and trust in Him, we’ll live eternally.

                                       (c) Frances Gregory Pasch

Happy Easter to each of you. I pray that you will have a special day with friends and family. Feel free to share my poem.

I haven’t posted recently, but I do plan to post each week. Please tell your friends to visit my site. Hope you enjoy my messages.