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Great News

Woman With Open ArmsDo you have an empty feeling,

Despite what you’ve amassed?

Is satisfaction fleeting?

Do you find it does not last?

Do you feel like you’ve been cheated,

Have your dreams gone up in smoke?

I have exciting news for you. . .

News to give you hope


Let me tell you about Jesus.

He’s the answer to your prayer.

He never will forsake you;

He always will be there

To help you plan your future

To fill that empty place.

His gift to you is special—

It’s called “Amazing Grace.”

If you will just believe in Him.

It’s absolutely free.

He wants to give it to you

As He offered it to me.


So open up your heart today,

Welcome Jesus in.

He wants to give you freedom

By forgiving all your sins

You’ll be a brand new person;

Your destiny secure.

When you die and go to heaven…

He will greet you at the door.

(c) Frances Gregory Pasch 

     Glad that you are stopping by. I pray that 2014 will be an extra special year for you and your family. Let your light shine so that others will be drawn to Christ. Our actions speak louder than our words. Do something nice for someone every chance you get. Have a blessed week……Fran