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Good News For A World In Need

jesus saves
Nations in a state of chaos

Morals going down the drain.

Voices trying to delude us

Saying “Jesus does not reign.”

It’s sad to see the faces

Of people on the street

So strained and so dejected

Signs of despair and defeat.

That’s why we must share the gospel

With a world that’s broken by sin…

To reveal that Jesus loves them

That He wants to dwell within.

To tell them He’s our Savior,

Who reigns on heaven’s throne.

Faith in Him is salvation…

In Him and Him alone.

©Frances Gregory Pasch

Happy New Year…

I wish each of you a new year full of God’s abundant blessings. I pray that 2016 will be a time of new beginnings.

Instead of rushing to make our lists of resolutions, let’s ask God to open our eyes to the direction He wants to lead us. Sometimes we make our own plans without consulting Him. It’s good for us to remember that His ways are Higher than ours.

Hope you will stop back again. For the new year, I plan on posting more regularly. Would love your feedback.