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God’s Surprises

actions speak louder than words

Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. Acts 16:26

Isn’t it just like God to do something unexpected to solve a problem? Most of us will never experience an earthquake or a violent answer to prayer like Paul and Silas, but God’s surprises are unique and tailored especially for each of us.

In Paul and Silas’ case, as a result of the earthquake and their praying and singing hymns, the jailer was prompted by their actions to ask how he could be saved. Shortly thereafter, he and his family were saved.

We forget that other people watch how we respond to trying situations. Our actions speak louder than words.

I am still surprised when people ask how I can remain calm when unsettling things are happening in my life. Friends and family remember when I used to be nervous and worried about everything. Now with God’s peace in my heart, my walk with the Lord has led to many opportunities for me to share how Jesus changed my life and the gospel message.

Let others see Christ in us.

       I love the saying, “We may be the only Bible that someone reads.” That’s how our actions can make a difference. When people see how we live and act, it can have a profound effect on them. Our words can also effect others, but if our actions don’t match what we say, we’re not believable.

       Reading the Bible shows us how Jesus acted. He confused the Pharisees and others by the things that he did. Where they might have retaliated or steered clear of certain people, Jesus surprised them by acting compassionately.     

       This week, let’s try to be an example to others by the way we react to different situations. Let them see Christ in us.

        Have blessed week. Share this message with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.  Love…Fran