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The Ginger Principle

The recipe called for fresh ginger. I could have substituted ground ginger, but for some strange reason, I felt compelled to follow the directions exactly.

Why am I making all this fuss? I thought, as I drove to the store. I would soon find out.

I had never seen fresh ginger before, so I had to read the produce signs to find it. I did a double take when I spotted the price of $2.49 a pound. But I was even more shocked when I saw the ginger itself. It looked grotesque. I almost changed my mind about buying it, but I selected a few pieces and headed for home.

Back in my kitchen, as I started to peel the ginger, a delightful aroma

came forth. How deceiving, I thought. Its ugly exterior has camouflaged its fragrant interior.

Suddenly, things came into focus.  God was using this experience to teach me a lesson. Just the other day he showed me the scripture, “Stop judging by mere appearances and make a right judgment” (John 7:24 NIV). He knew I always equated outer beauty with greater happiness and pleasure.

For a moment, my mind drifted back to several events in the past. First, I recalled the vacation my family spent at a beautiful motel. Yet when I thought about it now, I realized we had more fun on our camping trip in the rain—in a tent. I also thought of our large home which I was sure would make me happier than our smaller one. But looking  back again, I knew that nothing could ever replace the twenty years of wonderful memories we spent in our first, tiny home.  Finally, I remembered the Thanksgiving Mom and Dad took Jim and me and our five boys to a restaurant so I wouldn’t have to cook. But even that couldn’t hold a candle to the meals we enjoyed crowded around our small dining room table.

God seemed to be telling me to look at things from His perspective, from within, from the heart. I knew it would be hard for me to change my habits after so many years of judging people and things by their external appearances. But I decided to try.

Today, through the Lord’s help, I am making significant progress.

(c) Frances Gregory Pasch

Hi Everyone…..

          The new year is moving along quickly. Have you begun to do some of the things on your resolution list? I started a few, but I realize I need to get moving before January is over. Making a list on Mondays is a good way to begin. Jot down two or three things that you plan to work on each week. It’s such a good feeling to be able to cross out the tasks you have accomplished at the end of the week.

           Some tasks will take longer to complete, but put a few small things on your list that you can accomplish quicker and that will motivate you to keep going. You might start by listing people you promised to call or to text. What about the person you have been meaning to get together with? Set up a lunch date or a visit.

            Number one on our lists should be spending time with the Lord. Starting your day by reading a chapter in the Bible or just talking to the Lord will uplift you to do the other tasks on your list. Some of you have to rush out early in the morning, but you can talk to God while driving or listen to some Christian songs or tapes.

              Have a blessed week.  Fran