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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

what's your excuse

READ Matthew 8:18-22

Another disciple said to him, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” Matthew 8:21

Why do we so often make excuses when we are asked to do something new? Are we afraid to make a commitment because of the work involved? Does the thought of making changes scare us?

As in today’s scripture, Jesus offers each of us the opportunity to follow Him. Will we accept His invitation or will we find reasons not to embark on a new journey?

There is no greater offer than to be a disciple of Jesus, but He will never force us to come to Him. Before considering His invitation, remember that He has our best interests in mind. He has a specific purpose for each of us.

Saying yes to Jesus takes commitment. It may also mean reconsidering our priorities. But the rewards of being a disciple are better than any earthly rewards. They are never ending.

Lord, help us to stop making excuses.

We are blessed to have a God that cares about every aspect of our lives. He is the only One who can be with us twenty four hours a day, and the Bible is the only book that we can read with the author by our side. The more time we spend with Him, the more His words seem like they were written just for us.

Have a blessed day overflowing with God’s blessings. Fran