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Through A Child’s Eyes

Child's Eyes

Many of our mistakes are evident immediately.  Others take years to discover.  Several months ago, a little girl helped uncover one of mine.

One day Nicole came to our house for dinner, bringing me a beautiful red rose and a box of scented bath cubes.  She was excited about giving the gifts to me, and we enjoyed a very special evening together.  When Nicole left, I placed the bath cubes in my linen closet and forgot about them.  But she didn’t forget.

A week later she asked if I had used them yet.  I wanted to say yes, but couldn’t lie.  Instead, I promised to start using the bath cubes the next day.  That seemed to take away the sting of disappointment.

The following morning, as I sat in my fragrant bath water, thoughts of long-forgotten experiences flooded my mind.  I remembered times when my children were young and just as enthusiastic about the gifts they had made or bought for me.  Yet often I must have disappointed them.

Back then, I was always striving for perfection and worried about unimportant things.  So when my children’s gifts didn’t blend with the decor, I just put them away and never used them.  I didn’t consider the children’s disappointment.  I was more concerned about how things looked.                                                      

Recently while cleaning the attic, I found some of my children’s projects buried in the rubble.  I dusted them off and displayed them, trying to recapture those precious, lost moments, but I was too late.  The meaning was not the same for me or for them.

Then I thought, God has given us a gift, the greatest gift of all—His Son, Jesus Christ.  Yet sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, we forget Him, too, burying Him in the attic of our minds.

But unlike the world, He offers us a second chance.  He’ll forget the past and wipe our slates clean.  All He asks is that we put aside those things which have kept Him hidden and begin anew by making Him the center of our lives.

Think of all the gifts you have received. Can any compare to the gift of eternal life?

                                                                                            (c) Frances Gregory Pasch

 I wrote this true story about twenty five years ago. This was a special experience then and I still have fond memories of that day. Since that time, I have learned to see God in everyday life through experiences like this one. He teaches me different lessons from the things I observe. Keep your eyes open, He wants to do the same for you.

Have a blessed week…….Fran