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A Reason For Everything

I rushed out of the supermarket with a cart piled high with groceries.  I only had an hour to get home, unload my packages, and get to the hospital. Dad was in intensive care and the visiting hours were limited to specific times.

When I reached my car, I frantically searched for my keys. What a shock to discover I had locked the doors with my keys still in the ignition. Now what?  

I somberly glanced around the parking lot. To my amazement, I spotted my neighbor, and she offered to drive me home.

I quickly put my perishables in my refrigerator and called my sister-in-law for a ride to the hospital. We breathlessly arrived in time for a short visit with Dad.

After dinner, I asked my son, Jimmy, to take me to get my car. Normally, my husband would have driven  me, but he wasn’t at home.

On our way, Jimmy casually remarked, “Maybe I’ll stop to see Grandpa, after I drop you off.” I was shocked, but delighted. Since Jimmy is not a visitor, I wondered what triggered his sudden desire to see Dad. Would he change his mind? 

The next morning, I was thrilled when Dad said, “Jimmy came last night for a visit.” I could tell Dad was pleased, too.

Three days later, Dad died. At the funeral, Jimmy seemed especially grateful when he said, “Mom, if you had not locked your keys in the car, I would never have gone to see Grandpa.” 

At that moment, I realized that it was God who had orchestrated this catastrophe and the blessing of its surprise ending. God has a reason for everything.

                                                             © Frances Gregory Pasch   

I always get excited when I see how God works in surprising ways. This is a true story. Look for His surprise appearances in Your life. He loves to orchestrate unexpected events for us. When we share these stories, He is glorified.