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A Gentle Reminder

blessingInstead of following Your lead, Lord

I often exhaust myself

trying to orchestrate my own life.

How blessed I am

that You love me enough

to direct my steps,

to tune my spirit to Your will

and keep me on key

as you are composing

the rest of my life story.

Continue to remind me

That Your yoke is easy

Your burden is light…

that I don’t have to sing

someone else’s song.

I only need to follow Your lead.

©Frances Gregory Pasch


It’s so easy to jump into making our own plans without praying. Sometimes things still work out, but often God has a better way for us to handle the situation.

Our usual reason for running ahead of God is impatience. We don’t want to wait. But many times rushing keeps us from making the best decision.

Praying first is the best way to stay in God’s will. A good reminder for each of us.